Forrester’s 2009 Wave on Search Marketing Agencies: Live!

After about 8 weeks of research (some of which occurred from China while I was overseas for a client project!) I am very pleased to announce that Forrester's latest Wave evaluating search marketing agencies is now live on our site. 

I would encourage you to access the full report for a detailed exploration of each of 7 vendors: 360i, icrossing, iProspect, IMPAQT, OneUpWeb, Razorfish, and Reprise Media.  Here are a few snapshots from my analysis:

This study found search vendors deliberate in their strategy and technology developments, more secure in their definition from competitors, and outlining a future vision that aligns with changing consumer behavior and marketer needs.  This is a startk contrast to the immature landscape we evaluated at the end of 2006.

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Yahoo!'s New CEO Should Prioritize Her Operational Savvy

Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

Yahoo! announced today that Carol Bartz would become its new CEO effective immediately.  Read the press release here.  For some of the history leading up to this announcement read my past posts and those of my colleague David Card.

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The Easiest Way to a First-Page Ranking on Google

[UPDATE, 8 AUGUST 2012: As much as I appreciate seeing this research continue to circulate online, I'd like to note that these findings are now almost 4 years old, and are almost certainly no longer accurate. Just as you wouldn't rely upon Nielsen ratings from January 2009 to tell you what's popular on TV today, nor can the data below tell you how Google is handling search results today.]

If you're like most interactive marketers, you probably don't think much about search optimizing your online video content. Less than 20% of marketers tell us they insert keywords into the filenames of the videos on their site, and even fewer use more advanced tactics like writing keyword-rich captions and annotations, or creating online video libraries.

But if you're not optimizing your videos, you should start. "Blended search," the practice in which search engines display videos, images, news stories, maps, and other types of results alongside their standard search results, has become increasingly common on major search engines. And optimizing video content to take advantage of blended search is by far the easiest way to get a first-page organic ranking on Google.

Recently, we conducted a little experiment to learn more about how search engines respond to common queries. We created a list of 40 of the most-searched keywords -- pulled from the search engines' own lists of popular and fast-growing search terms, like Google Trends -- and ran those searches on Google in the US and the UK, as well as on MSN UK and Yahoo UK.

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2009 Mobile Trends

Thomas Husson [Posted by Thomas Husson]

Since this is my first post here, let me begin with an introduction: I’ve worked at JupiterResearch – now a division of Forrester – for four years in the Paris office - after having spent 6 years in the marketing division of a mobile operator. During that time my research has focused primarily on mobile consumer services: mobile Internet, mobile content, mobile media and marketing, mobile messaging. I joined Forrester via their acquisition of Jupiter in July 08, and I’m excited to join the Forrester Consumer Product and Strategy team.

Since this is prediction time, I'd like to highlight some of the key trends likely to happen in the mobile space in 2009:

1) Tough economic conditions will dominate the European consumer mobile landscape in 2009

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