Monday’s Musings: A Year of Extremes Brings Us Back Full Circle to the Beginning of the Dot.Com Bust

Software vendor economics:

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The Death of Process as a Product


During the last six weeks we have been researching the state of software development processes and a number of very interesting trends have become apparent. These trends and the results of our research will be documented in the research report Best Practices In Software Development Processes slated for Q1 2009. But I just couldn’t wait to share some of the insights and get your reactions to them before then.




Hybrid Processes take the floor

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Mark Twain, US Politics, And The State Of Enterprise BI

BorisevelsonBy Boris Evelson and Norman Nicolson

If you haven’t yet heard the latest news on the American political scene, let me fill you in: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit fraud and soliciting bribery. Among the alleged offenses is that the Governor planned to sell the Senate seat of President-elect Barack Obama to the highest bidder, or, if no offers met his expectations, to take the seat for himself for personal gain.Sign_best_government_money_can_bu_3 One is reminded of the remark, often attributed (perhaps incorrectly) to Mark Twain, that the United States has “the best politicians money can buy.”

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Horses for courses?

Quarterhorse_2 I was on a conference call with my Research Director, Mike Gilpin and colleague Charles Brett the other day discussing complex event processing and business rules when suddenly Mike and Charles starting talking about "horses for courses". Say what? We went from talking about events and rules to horses and courses? I never heard this expression before so I asked. And, for those of you who think that I am provincial, I asked several other people in our Cambridge, Massachusetts office and they were dumbfounded as well.

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Monday’s Musings: 2009 Enterprise Packaged Apps Predictions

So it’s that time of year for holiday cheer and pundits to tempt fate and pontificate.  I'm going to throw out some ideas that may make it in the next Forrester report.  So here are some very very draft predictions for 2009 in order of most likely to least likely to pan out:

End user predictions

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The Value of Projects – Do we always need them?

Img_1915 When I started in software development writing Cobol, sitting in an office with my humming green monitor. I was part of an IT department that was linked to a business department.  The work I did was in direct response to my customers requests for new features or changes to existing features.  We planned work at the start of the month and worked through that list during the month.  Yes, there were cross department projects, but that was handled by everyone involved sitting in a room and saying ‘if you do this, we can do that’.  It was a simpler time, a time when you could leave your screen unlocked and you had a real lunch hour. 


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