What Keeps People Shopping

Forrester recently released our 2008 Customer Experience Index, a ranking of 114 companies by consumers who responded to an online survey asking how useful, easy to work with and enjoyable the various companies were. Get this, six of the top eight were retailers. The top retailer on the list? Barnes & Noble. So, what does this mean for retailers?

1. A great customer experience is a must-have in brutally-competitive, margin-thin industries that comprise most of the retail landscape.  It is not an option. Not surprisingly, the ten worst performers in the index were TV, wireless and web service providers and health insurance companies--regulated industries that give consumers no choice but to interact with them.

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Compass Bank: Allowing truly customized accounts

Brad_strothkamp [Posted by Brad Strothkamp}

Forrrester recently conducted a teleconference where I presented and spoke about what I considered the top best practices in financial services in 2008 to be. Many of the best practices I have written on in the past, but one that stood out is a tool developed by Compass Bancshares, a bank with 166 branches in Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, and New Mexico. 

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