Enterprise Mashups Need Complexity To Create Value

Gilyehuda By Gil Yehuda
Those who drink the Web 2.0 Kool-aid live in a idealistic world where we can mentally connect a great idea to a great implementation of that idea. We live on faith that the great implementation will come, since there are plenty of smart people out there who will eventually figure out how to make value out of technology building blocks. Sometimes our faith is tested when the killer-app does not show up for a long time. But evidence can restore our faith.

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Obama’s Information Agenda....What Is It And Is There A Role For BI?

Jameskobielus By James Kobielus

Wow....what a historic week this has been for the United States and the world.

When President Obama and Vice President Biden take office in January, they will have a very full agenda, a rat’s nest of nasty problems to address right off the bat, and a minefield of absurdly high expectations to navigate.

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