Customer Reference Programs Survey Link

For those of you frustrated by the survey tool at which I pointed my last post, I would like to apologize for wasting your time and missing the opportunity to engage you when you were most interested.

Merv and I are are providing expertise and contributing the Forrester brand name to the Customer Reference Forum for this survey.  We are not  working directly with the survey execution team. The CRF has been terrific to work with, but I did not check a few of the small details on survey access parameters before posting this and now those details have bitten me as links that don't work or make the survey look closed when it is not.  This is also why I haven't replied in Web 2.0-time to your posts pointing out the problem.

I think the area of research will prove very interesting as we bring it out early next year.  For those of you still willing to participate -- thank you so much for your patience! -- you can find the survey link here.

Again, thanks for your patience and support on this.

Math update

So a Platform-A employee pointed out that 1 billion impressions over two days is actually (duh) 500m per day, so the share of voice would actually be almost 17 percent.

Customer Reference Programs: Going Social?

Lauraramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

Great customer references fuel great B2B marketing. But getting customers to testify or submit case studies is challenging. Good references require investment. But how do you keep customers from feeling like shills for their vendor firms? By involving them in communities of like-minded advocates! That is one hypothesis I plan to explore further in 2009 -- investigating the connection between social activity and greater customer advocacy.

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Making the web work as a reach medium

T-Mobile bought a one billion impression campaign from AOL/Platform-A last week. The impressions were spread across two days. With Platform-A delivering about 3 billion impressions per day, that's a 33 percent share of voice across their network (the biggest one out there.) I would say that officially, this ad buy proves that you can have simultaneous reach of some kind online.
No it's not the same as a superbowl commercial, but it's pretty important for brand advertisers nonetheless.
More marketers should be willing to pay a premium for this kind of campaign. A site takeover actually already has some traction and is a great way to flood people with your message. However one site is only one site. A giant scale buy on a network on the other hand, can ensure that you're showing a majority of Americans your message in just a day or two. Networks should be selling takeovers every day of the year.

There are a few tactical issues to think about:

The hard part about share of voice using a network is that on each site, the share of voice would actually be somewhat small. Using retargeting can make sure you hit the same person a few times.

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Yang Steps Aside as CEO: A Good Thing For Yahoo!

Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

**Update** Per the comments below, I've adjusted the title of this post to reflect that Jerry Yang is transitioning out of the CEO role, not "departing" Yahoo! overall.

This morning, Yahoo! announced that founder and CEO Jerry Yang would step aside as soon as Yahoo! found a replacement.

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How Aussies use social media, and you should respond

[Posted by Steven Noble]

When I was a marketer, I relentlessly hunted for local data to test my observations and strategies. Everything I could find about Australian conditions made it into my Delicious page, which I regularly mined for proposals and plans.

The process had value — or I wouldn't have done it. But the result was disjointed — a blogging factoid here, some MySpace data there. It left my hungry for a comprehensive analysis of how Australians use social technologies, and how marketers should respond.

With Australian Adult Social Technographics Revealed, I hope this is what I've provided.

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B2B Marketing Obsolete, Really? (Part III)

Want to know how budget changes effect you?

We are about to release our updated Internet Advertising Spending Forecast. It is broken out by category, and provides good insight into how the current economic downturn will affect different businesses. If you are interested in discussing this with us and how you should be using the numbers to plan for your own 2009, please contact your account manager to set up a call.