Is Web Personalization Now A Matter Of "Thurvival"?

Tim_walters By Tim Walters, Ph.D.

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Microsoft's new security update - urgent vulnerability affecting millions of PC users

Chenxi Wang

Microsoft just released an out-of-band security update, addressing a remote code execution vulnerability affecting, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, and Server 2008, virtually all Microsoft computing platforms out there.

This vulnerability allows unauthorized remote code execution (in XP and earlier) via SMB (server message block) communication. In Vista and later, the code execution must past an authentication.

There are over one billion Windows personal computers worldwide. Approximately 180 million of those are Vista. So that leaves about 820 million computers vulnerable to an anonymous remote code execution, which is a serious vulnerability. Given the magnitude of Microsoft's install base there, the situation is grave indeed. This is why Microsoft is taking the extraordinary step to issue an out-of-band security update to address this situation.

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IBM Lotus Gets Into The Hosted Email Game. Phew.

Tedschadler by Ted Schadler

It is inevitable and welcome that a revitalized Lotus has launched a hosted email and calendar service.

Inevitable because cloud-based email services are on the rise and IBM isn't going to miss out on that. It might be your entire messaging system -- email, calendar, contacts as in hosted Exchange, Gmail, and now Notes Hosted Messaging. Or it might be an ancillary service as in email filtering from Microsoft, Google Postini, or Symantec MessageLabs or Exchange management from Azaleos. But pushing email out of the data center and into the cloud has some real benefits (outlined below).

Welcome to Forrester's enterprise customers because having Microsoft as the only hosted email service in town limits customer choice. And that's never good.

Oh yeah, then there's the attractive price. While nobody can undercut Google's $50/user/year price, IBM has aggressively priced this offering for between $8 and $18 per user per month.

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Event Report: Siperian Masters 2008 - Customers Confirm Multi-Entity MDM Trends

by Ray Wang

About 200 attendees were present as Ramon Chen, VP of Marketing, kicked off the event to the theme of adventurers and pioneers in MDM at the Bridgewater Marriott (New Jersey).   CEO, Peter Caswell, led the keynote session with a view on where Siperian has been, where Siperian is going, and then introduced the Ravi Jagannathan VP of Product Management and Manish Sood, Senior Director of Product Management. They presented Siperian's road map well into 2012.  Key announcements include:

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CMIS: Boom or Bust?

Stevepowers By Stephen Powers

Some of you may have heard about the joint announcement from EMC, IBM, and Microsoft about the creation of Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS). The purpose of this proposed new standard? To create a vendor-agnostic way of accessing the data in content management systems from multiple vendors. In other words: Remember when SQL became a standard for accessing databases? This is the content management system equivalent.

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Another Successful HR Technology Show

Zach Thomas By Zach Thomas

HR Technology (not “tech” according to show chairman Bill Kutik) was again a success despite economic woes constricting travel budgets — or maybe it was highly attended because arrangements to get to the windy city were made a few months back. In any case, here are some key take aways:

11th Annual Analyst Panel: I was invited to participate in the highest attended analyst panel session (1,268 people to be exact) alongside other leading analysts and consultants. View the results. The topics varied from Web 2.0 to the impact this economy will have on product sales. Bill Kutik (moderator) asked the audience a series of questions with electronic voting. One interesting tidbit is that two-thirds of user companies did not expect their HR technology spend to get cut. We will have the exact numbers later this week — can’t wait to see the raw numbers.

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Event Report: Inforum 2008 Highlights Transition from Acquirer to Builder

Inforum’s  attendees were treated to a wonderful pre-keynote string
and a booming opening inspirational from both the Las Vegas
Philharmonic Orchestra and the rock band Innovation.  As the orchestra
took a bow, Infor’s CEO Jim Schaper, emerged from the conductor’s stand
to the surprise of over 5000 attendees.  The ever personable and
charismatic CEO discussed how Infor would help customers compete in an
emerging world of business networks that required innovation to be able
to respond to change.  He also spoke of the $325M being invested back
into the product in the next 4 years.

Key innovation announcements from the event include:

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Revolution? Please, not again!

Borisevelson By Boris Evelson

I am appalled at what has been happening in the economy lately. Seems like we are moving from one crisis management to another. First it was the oil price increase crisis, now it’s the credit markets crisis, while the oil crisis seems to have disappeared. There are revolutionary approaches to solving these crises being thrown around very lightly and carelessly these days: nationalization of certain industries, redistribution of wealth and other extremist approaches. Haven’t we learned from history? Don’t we know by now that revolutions do not work? It’s been proven time and time again in Soviet Union, China, Cuba and many other nations that revolutions only lead to disasters: terror, holocausts, starvation, turning societies and social structures upside down, and people leading miserable existence. I know. I lived in one of those countries. I do not want to live in another country going through revolution.

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Extreme Affordability at the Data Warehouse? Teradata? Really?

Jameskobielus By James Kobielus

This has been the season for splashy vendor announcements in the high-end data warehousing (DW) market, and they’ve become progressively more disruptive and game-changing with every passing month. Though to the casual observer this may seem like a vendor-push game of competitive one-upmanship, it is in fact being driven by ever more challenging requirements coming from Information and Management (I&KM) professionals. I&KM pros in many verticals are implementing ever more scalable DW platforms to manage inexorable growth in BI and advanced analytics workloads.

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Telepresence—The Next Best Thing To Being There

Conniemoore_2 by Connie Moore

A while back, my husband and I were driving back from a sporting event when I noticed that he was talking about work. This was a surprise because he almost never talks about his job, particularly on weekends when he is having fun. I was only half listening, but all of the sudden I sat up and realized he was talking about telepresence—a technology that I'm very interested in. This, too, was a real surprise because my husband is a true Luddite when it comes to any type of technology. (No joke—for example, he keeps his cell phone turned off so he can "save" the battery. It drives me nuts when I need to reach him urgently.)

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