It's about the people, stupid

Peter Burris By Peter Burris

So, if you were given an opportunity to talk about day two of a technology conference attended by hundreds of technology, business, and vendor folk discussing how they're going to work together to solve really interesting problems over the next few years, what would you say?

How about, "Wow!"

While I heard plenty of talk about technology and tools, each of the couple dozen conversations I had quickly moved to a discussion of people and relationships and how to get things done. Here's a sample of the interactions I was lucky enough to participate in

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Recap from Forrester’s Business Technology Leadership Forum

Zach Thomas By Zach Thomas

Forrester concluded its Business & Technology Leadership Forum yesterday in Orlando, FL. The theme: “Embrace Technology Chaos. Deliver Business Results"


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Beijing's Take On Field Service Management

Just a week ago, after hosting 16 days of much anticipated and closely followed Olympic competition, Beijing passed the baton to London in a dazzling closing ceremony at its National Stadium. The Games of this 29th Olympiad commenced with the dizzying precision and coordination of 14,000 performers and 29,000 fireworks in the now famed Bird's Nest stadium. And in the weeks that followed the world's finest athletes competed head to head for podium spots in 28 sports. From my own living room I watched Michael Phelps swim his way to an unprecedented eight gold medals, Jamaica's Usain Bolt far outpace the competition to secure the title of world's fastest man, and countless other memorable performances.

It's only natural to wonder how they -- the athletes -- do it. Is it just pure genetics? Lots of gym time? New stretching techniques? Performance-enhancing substances? But if you're a telecommunications aficionado you might wonder how did they –- Beijing –- pull off non-stop coverage throughout the games, and seemingly without a hitch? After all, had Beijing been unable to deliver uninterrupted comprehensive telecom service at crucial moments, an entire world could have missed out on so many of the historic moments made this summer.

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Forrester's Business & Technology Leadership Forum 2008

Forrester's Business & Technology Leadership Forum 2008 is coming up soon — September 23-24 in Orlando, Fla. This event is designed to arm technology and business leaders with emerging organizational, process, and technology practices that balance chaos and control to drive new business value. We have a great speaker lineup this year, with keynotes from:

Guest Speakers

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