Meet One-On-One With Forrester Analysts At Our Business & Technology Leadership Forum 2008

Consistently rated as one of the most popular features of Forrester Events, one-on-one meetings give you the opportunity to discuss the unique technology issues facing your organization with Forrester analysts. Business & Technology Leadership Forum attendees may schedule up to two 20-minute one-on-one meetings with the Forrester analysts of their choice, depending on availability. Registered attendees will be able to schedule one-on-one meetings starting on Monday September 15, 2008. Book early!

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Chrome: Google’s Shiny New Browser Doesn’t Dull IE’s Dominance

SherimcleishBy Sheri McLeish

Google's beta launch today of its own open source browser, Chrome, is an unsurprising step that complements Google's ongoing efforts to own the desktop and take market share away from Microsoft. While others have tried to and failed to chip away at Microsoft's desktop browser IE, Google has good reason to think it can go head-to-head with MS — it has the eyes of consumers in North America and Western Europe, and access to millions of people and resources to further own the desktop experience building upon search, email, and calendaring. This isn't simply a play for the browser market; it's a component of a larger, long-term strategy to take over the desktop.

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