BIMA Event Yields Some Exceptional IM Examples

I'm just back from the Fourth Annual Cross Media Forum put on by BIMA, the Boston Interactive Media Association, a MITX organization.  I thought the depth of content from the event was exceptional.  It included:

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Online Classifieds More Popular Than Print Classifieds - Even Among Older Users

Last week we published a new report, Online Classifieds in Europe: Consumers Moving Online More Quickly Than Advertisers. The report finds that approximately one-quarter of European online users read some form of classifieds (print or online) each month, and that consumers' channel shift from print classifieds to online classifieds is now basically complete. While it's commonly acknowledged that online classifieds are now more popular than print classifieds, I was surprised to find that this is true among every single age group surveyed -- even the oldest users.

Despite the fact that the huge majority of European classified users read classified ads online, though, advertisers have been relatively slow to follow users: the marketers we surveyed were still more likely to advertise in print classifieds than in online classifieds.

Jupiter clients can read the full report, which includes our latest European online classified spending forecast, here.

On the Road: Stockholm and London

I'll be on the road next week, keynoting the SMX Stockholm event and then taking a bunch of meetings around AdTech London. If you're going to be at either event and want to catch up -- especially if you want to talk about SEO for blended search, or next-generation online video ads -- drop me a line: nelliott (at) jupiter research -dot- com.

This one works

Its long and great for a viral video; so many jokes, good chemistry. Much more interesting than the first one.

This one works

New Microsoft video here.

Its long and great for a viral video; so many jokes, good chemistry. Much more interesting than the first one.

We talk a lot. Now it's your turn.

We love to talk. We love to give advice. But we're smart enough to know that we don't know everything. Turns out, our clients, colleagues, associates, and friends community knows a whole heck of a lot too.

Now we've got a place for you and your peers: Forrester's Interactive Marketing Discussion Boards. On the board, you can hear what others are saying and tell them what you think. Our analysts are also participating, in order to hear what you have to say and incorporate your feedback. With your support, this community becomes a way to bridge the 'knowledge gap'.

So come chat with other marketers (you don't need to be a Forrester client to join, but like any online forum, you will have to register). Respond to what a Forrester analyst has to say. Pose a question to anyone or craft a response for everyone. In other words, come join the conversation!

Feel free to send me your questions and feedback!

Publishers: What Would You Give to Monetize Your Video Traffic?

As anyone with a broadband connection and an internet browser can tell you, video is now a standard feature on most web sites. (In our 2008 webtrack of leading European sites, we found that 96 percent offered video content -- up from 88 percent in 2007.) But many publishers still aren't making any effort to monetize their video content. According to that webtrack, just over one-half of European sites with video content accept in-stream advertising.

Now don't get me wrong: half is good progress. In 2007, barely one-quarter of sites with video content were accepting in-stream ads. But it's still maddening for me to see so many sites spending money on producing or acquiring, and then promoting and serving video content, without making any real effort to monetize that traffic.

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Can Google Be a Serious Player in TV Advertising?

This week's announcement of Google's 'advertising, technology, and research partnership' with NBC Universal has got everyone talking again about just how important Google might become to TV advertising. And since I'm an advertising analyst who also recently spent a couple years covering digital TV, it's something I've been asked about a few times. My take: while there's room for Google to make TV ad buying more efficient and accountable, there's only so much you can do to target ads on TV -- and so Google can't, and won't, cause nearly the upheaval in TV advertising that they did in online advertising.

Google's dominance of online advertising is based primarily on their ability to target relevant advertising to consumers. But it'd be incredibly difficult for Google (or anyone else) to ever target TV ads nearly as well as online ads, for several reasons.

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Jerry Seinfeld nods to Jupiter

Ok, so he doesn't mean Jupiter Reasearch, but he could.

Bill is so straight, Jerry has to play the clown. It doesn't work, but I wish it did.

Getting Started with Social Marketing

Yesterday I was in a room with about 15 very smart people at a large insurance company. Clearly most of them liked the idea of reaching out to consumers via social marketing. However, they admitted they had done little to nothing thus far. Reservations and questions included, "We're not hip, how do we engage with audiences?" "We don't have anything budgeted." "How does social marketing integrate with our other campaigns?" and "We don't think it would drive sales, so it's hard to justify the cost."
Many companies that I work with are intrigued by social marketing - as an idea. As a practice, many remain skeptical or hesitant. Often their hesitancy is for very good reasons, as with the insurance company. However, as I've said before, consumers are already out there - interactions between consumers are taking place whether or not the company is participating. Below are some simple actions to start down the path to social marketing in such a way that minimizes cost and risk, and maximizes positive interaction with consumers. Jupiter and Forrester (as well as several good bloggers) have posted lists similar to this one in the past. But social marketing is still new, so I think a quick review is a good idea.

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