BIMA Event Yields Some Exceptional IM Examples

I'm just back from the Fourth Annual Cross Media Forum put on by BIMA, the Boston Interactive Media Association, a MITX organization.  I thought the depth of content from the event was exceptional.  It included:

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On the Road: Stockholm and London

I'll be on the road next week, keynoting the SMX Stockholm event and then taking a bunch of meetings around AdTech London. If you're going to be at either event and want to catch up -- especially if you want to talk about SEO for blended search, or next-generation online video ads -- drop me a line: nelliott (at) jupiter research -dot- com.

Can Google Be a Serious Player in TV Advertising?

This week's announcement of Google's 'advertising, technology, and research partnership' with NBC Universal has got everyone talking again about just how important Google might become to TV advertising. And since I'm an advertising analyst who also recently spent a couple years covering digital TV, it's something I've been asked about a few times. My take: while there's room for Google to make TV ad buying more efficient and accountable, there's only so much you can do to target ads on TV -- and so Google can't, and won't, cause nearly the upheaval in TV advertising that they did in online advertising.

Google's dominance of online advertising is based primarily on their ability to target relevant advertising to consumers. But it'd be incredibly difficult for Google (or anyone else) to ever target TV ads nearly as well as online ads, for several reasons.

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