Agile development: creed or ethos?

In my encounters with Agile development, including the research that I'm doing now, I've seen two perspectives on the Agile methodology (pick whichever one you prefer):

  • Agile as a creed. One type of Agile enthusiast treats the methodology of choice as a set of firm guidelines, to be followed or ignored (at your peril). The closer you get to orthodoxy, as the Pharisees communicate by voice or in print, the better the results.
  • Agile as an ethos. The other species of Agile enthusiast sees the methodology as a guide to action. Perfect adherence to its principles are impossible in an imperfect world, so the goal is to add a healthy dose of Agile to the blend of different techniques and imperatives.

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Calling all PMs: Agile

We're looking for product managers who have played a role in Agile development efforts. Specifically, we want to talk to both (1) PMs who have been in development groups that started with an Agile approach, and (2) PMs who were part of a transition to Agile within a larger organization.

If either description applies to you, in your current job or an earlier one, please drop me a line. The interview will last about 30 minutes.