Product managers are certifiable

A question I've been hearing with increasing frequency is, "Should there be a professional certification for product managers?" Tyner Blain has a thoughtful post on just this subject that's worth reading.

There are three obstacles to making professional certification worthwhile:

  1. First, you have to agree on what product management is.
  2. Then, you have to define the curriculum that every product manager needs to master before getting the blessing of some certifying authority.
  3. Finally, you need to trust the certifying authority.

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When you're at Translate Server Error, you're family

File this under, "You Get What You Pay For."

Sometimes, clouds bring rain

I'm a big fan of widgets. Now that the concept of "cloud computing" has gained traction in the technology industry, lots of people are also wild for widgets. Of course, when you dynamically assemble content from multiple sources, bad things might happen to good people:

SiteMeter's widget for tracking visits to Web sites went haywire on Friday and rendered many pages unviewable via Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.

The technology industry will take steps to eliminate these problems. Standards will help a little, if only to get the people writing widgets to think about all the implications and edge cases of what they're building. Abstracting the run-time layer of widgets through mechanisms like Netvibes' universal widget API can help, too.

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The brother from another coast

Please give a warm welcome to Scott Santucci, a principal consultant here at Forrester, who will be contributing to this blog. Scott will be spearheading Forrester’s “sales enablement” research and methodologies, an important part of our work to support technology companies..We define “sales enablement” more broadly and strategically than other organizations, as the “glue” that binds product or service groups, marketing, and sales into valuable conversations with targeted stakeholders.

Here are some key bullets from Scott's impressive resume:

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