More Tail-Wagging

The Journal's Lee Gomes goes after the long tail again, aided by a Harvard Business Review article. Wired's long-tail hypemeister Chris Anderson responds, and a little more.

To paraphrase myself from some Jupiter research, it's not saying much to acknowledge there are long-tail markets. Rather, you have to prove:

- there's significant demand for non-blockbusters
- that the long tail could re-arrange Pareto-principle (80-20 rule) industries and markets
- and that anyone can make money off the tail, without also supplying the head

So far, no, maybe, and no.

Can TiVo Save TeeVee?

TiVo as the savior of the television business, rather than the scourge? (Of advertising, that is, see Figure 2) You know, I almost buy it. Sourced from Alley Insider.

We have an updated DVR forecast for clients (25% US household penetration going to 38% in five years - in line with what we said last year) but the report isn't published yet.