Google Rated Most Important Site for European Social Marketing Efforts

We recently asked European advertisers which site was most important to their social marketing efforts this year, and much to my surprise, Google came out on top. We know that respondents weren't thinking of YouTube when they selected Google, because YouTube was listed separately in the survey. And they weren't thinking of OpenSocial either because even though OpenSocial's not a site per se, we listed that separately on the survey as well. They really meant Google, as a search engine. If you add in Yahoo and MSN, more than 1/3 of European social marketers chose a search engine or portal as being most important to their social marketing efforts -- nearly as many as chose social media sites.

Which is pretty odd. Because the search engines and portals have been getting their butts kicked in social media. Sure, Google owns YouTube and Blogger, and Yahoo owns Flickr and But those were all acquisitions. The truth is, portals and search engines have had no success at all in building their own social media offerings. (And Blogger, Flickr, and aren't exactly hotbeds for marketing. Nor, really, is YouTube.)

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Back Bloggin'

So, I've had my own little summer holiday. Over the past few months, as my travel schedule has gone haywire and I've gotten more and more enamored of twitter, I've stopped blogging entirely. Shame on me; I've started thinking in 140 characters rather than 140 (or 280 or 420) words. I'm going to do my best to fix that from now on.

But really, you should follow me on twitter too -- it's great fun, and it allows great conversations.


Forrester buys JupiterResearch

Joshbernoff_cliffcondon_2by Josh Bernoff and Cliff Condon

If there is one other research company that we've continued to encounter, respect, and see as real competition in the interactive media space, it is JupiterResearch. While the company ownership has changed hands several times over the years, the analysts have continued to do great work.

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The Sydney office is moving

[Posted by Steven Noble]

This week, we move to our new digs near Darling Harbour.

Tower 2, Level 21, 201 Sussex St

Sydney, 2000, NSW, Australia

Tel: +61 (2) 9006 3325

Fax: +61 (2) 9006 1010

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Happy birthday to us

[Posted by Steven Noble]

On Friday, a bunch of us from the Sydney office shared a cake in honour of Forrester's 25th anniversary. Pictured from left to right we have: me, Tomoko Aihara, Ben Etherington, Sabannga Sanixay, Sarah McAllan and Jason Stokes.

APAC, it's time to start listening!

[Posted by Steven Noble]

Anyone who has read Groundswell will be familiar with the concepts of listening to, talking with, energising, supporting and embracing your customers and community.

Of these five ideas, four are easy to find in APAC. Here is an example of each from Australia:

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Some Friday musings about marketing imperfections

While reading a review of Mad Med, the AMC show that our industry is in love with, I noticed a Google ad for acne medication. There was a reference to a character's visit to the doctor (for anxiety, not acne), but otherwise, I can't tell where the ad was coming from. Today seems to be a day of weird marketing messages. A few others I noticed:
For cookies - "Now, better tasting!"
For cotton balls - "Ideal for many uses!"
And finally, a Social Ad on my Facebook page for the Dodge Challenger. Does my profile really scream Affordable American Muscle Car?
I think we can all do better.

Microsoft To Sell Search Ads Through Facebook

Sharvanboskirk [Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

This just in: Microsoft announced at its annual financial analyst meeting today that it has extended its existing relationship with Facebook.  Official MS release indicates "Microsoft will work with Facebook to bring its customers Live Search-powered web search and search ads by the end of the calendar year." 

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Enter At Your Own Risk? Some Thoughts On UGC Contests

[Posted by Tom Cummings]

It’s no secret that many marketers love User Generated Content (UGC) promotions.  And really, what’s not to love?  Toss up a website with a ‘submit here’ link, let your audience handle all of the creative, let the fans decide their favorites, then sit back and let the word-of-mouth go to work.   In exchange for a small prize and 15 minutes of fame, your community members will do all of your work!  At least, that’s the theory. 

Some promotions aim to just get fans involved. allows “iReporters” to submit pictures and videos that occasionally are featured on the frontpage.  Good Morning America invites viewers to submit videos of themselves on the “I Say GMA” section of their website.

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I Dig Databases And Marketing Qualified Leads

Lauraramos [Posted by Laura Ramos]

I dug Dave Taber’s latest newsletter edition about “The Life of a Lead”.  I mean, I really “Dugg It”.  The article includes a link to, so I clicked it, registered, and voted for his document. Not simply because I like his ideas, but because I want to experience the “wisdom of crowds” firsthand and see how communal voting might apply to B2B marketing.

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