Clockss Ticking On Digital Preservation

Not a moment too soon, libraries, universities, and publishers across the globe have flicked the switch on a collaborative digital archiving project that promises to preserve important scholarly content forever.

Graft: Organ and Cell Transplantation, a journal from SAGE Publications, just went out of print and has moved years of its online content to the community managed Controlled LOCKSS archive. The archive uses the Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe open-source technology developed by Stanford University and is geographically dispersed across nodes at universities from Edinburgh to Virginia.

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Deduplication Hits The Mainstream

Stephanie Bottom line for IT Infrastructure and Operations professionals? Your next purchase of a backup-to-disk appliance or backup software will have integrated deduplication functionality, given the slew of announcements from all the major storage players. It’s no longer just pioneering vendors Data Domain and Diligent beating the deduplication drum — it’s all the major storage vendors.



In addition, based on the direction of NetApp, you need to start thinking about how the rest of your storage environment would benefit from integrated deduplication functionality like your VMware environment (server and desktop) or end-user home directories.



NetApp plans to introduce integrated deduplication technology in its NearStore VTL some time this year. In the meantime, the company is promoting the availability of deduplication on its production FAS storage systems and touting the huge benefits of deduplication in VMware environments.



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Trapeze: For Sale After All, And Sold

SilvaIn October of 2007 I speculated, out loud via this blog, as to whether or not WLAN infrastructure vendor Trapeze was for sale. While I don't claim to be a fortune teller (yes, RSS feeds and briefing sessions have, in large part, replaced my standard-issue analyst crystal ball) and it was no secret that the company was, at least intermittently, being shopped, it was with a bit of surprise that I greeted the news of Belden being the confirmed buyer. At $133 million in cash, there is some debate on whether the value of the transaction is consummate with the value of the goods. Given the delayed IPOs as the relatively steep slide ARUN has taken since its post-IPO high in July 2007, it's likely $133M is a fair valuation I'll leave that question to the 'Street analysts,' you know, the analysts that still use crystal balls.

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