Throw out your test lab: Virtualized workloads can be trialed in the cloud


Every enterprise struggles with performance testing. You never have enough hardware, you can’t mimic production, the build up and tear down process is far too time consuming and let’s not even get into the hassles of scheduling. Virtualization can help in that environments can be stored as templates easing setup and with tools like VMware Lab Manager, scheduling and environment management are made easier, but the hassles of shared time, resource constraints and stress testing remain.

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IBM Gets Into The Data Center-In-A-Box Business -- Better Late Than Never!

James_2IBM announced Wednesday
that like Sun and Rackable before them, they will now be offering a Portable
Modular Data Center (PMDC) similar to Verari’s FOREST,
Blackbox, and Rackable’s ICE Cube and Concentro.
IBM also rolled out their
new Enterprise
Modular Data Center (EMDC) and Modular High Density Zone (MHDZ).

This data center-in-a-box is portable, stackable, and can be
deployed in as little at 12 to 14 weeks, says IBM. It supports an open architecture and
equipment from non-IBM vendors. IBM states that if you need to expand your data
center fast, but don’t have the space, the PMDC is worth considering.

Huh? A data center in the trailer of an 18-wheeler? What do
you do, park it outside next to your data center? How does this make sense? And
for whom?

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