Current Trends Demand A New Approach Towards Voice Communications

How is your organization preparing to adopt and implement its
roadmap for IP telephony? Although IP telephony adoption has reached the
mainstream and most organizations have deployed it in several locations, future
planning should also consider how unified communications (UC) will transform
enterprise communications by offering new capabilities that facilitate business
processes and integrate voice into the desktop. 

The workplace landscape is dramatically changing -- fueling
new requirements for voice communication and mobility within most organizations.
Top trends fueling this change include rapid growth in remote workforce, expanding
global coverage, proliferation of mobile devices, and the onslaught of various social

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Help Set Energy Star Standards?

James_2Everyone wants to make their data centers more efficient and
gain recognition for their efforts but we’re lacking the benchmarks to shoot
for. Well, here’s your chance to help change that. On March 20th the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) kicked off a data collection process to help create Energy
Star™ ratings for data centers. Energy Star, the best known energy efficiency
identifier, is respected as a mark of credibility for products and services
that deliver superior energy efficiency. While mainly a consumer mark, the EPA
recently published a draft standard for servers ,
its first serious foray into providing enterprise product and service guidance.
While extending Energy Star to your corporate data center, consumed only by
your own company, may not have customer impact, it has corporate brand value that
matters to the C-level executives. It will also have differentiating value when
choosing outsourced service providers.

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