IBM Buys Diligent As Its Deduplication Anchor

Stephanie On April 18th, IBM announced its intent to acquire virtual tape library (VTL) and deduplication vendor Diligent Technologies. For IBM, Diligent is a good fit. The company offers both mainframe and open systems virtual tape libraries and they are a pioneer of deduplication. However, IBM already offers a market leading mainframe VTL based on its own intellectual property and an open systems VTL based on FalconStor technology — although the open systems VTL has very limited adoption — so there is also a lot of overlap. Because Diligent is a software solution, IBM can quickly integrate Diligent with any of its storage systems and bring new VTLs to market relatively quickly. It’s very likely that IBM will in fact pursue this route so it can bring an inline deduplicating VTL to market as quickly as possible.



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IBM Expands Replication Capabilities With Acquisition Of FilesX

Stephanie On April 10, 2008, IBM announced its intent to acquire FilesX, a small startup that offers server-based replication and continuous data protection technology. The acquisition will become part of the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) family of products.



This acquisition will help IBM Tivoli fill a gap in their current portfolio of offerings for data protection. The vendor currently offers Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), which is one of the leading enterprise-class backup software applications, and Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files, a product mostly used to protect PCs. In addition to traditional backup to tape or disk, TSM can also manage Microsoft Virtual Snapshots (VSS) and its own IBM storage-based snapshot technology in support of instant restore or snapshot assisted backup. But the company didn’t really have an offering for customers who wanted something that was better than backup but not as expensive as storage-based replication, this is where FilesX comes in. With FilesX, IBM can now address the recovery requirements of small enterprises that can’t afford storage-based replication. They can also meet the recovery requirements of large enterprises that want to protect more servers within their company with a more affordable replication offering as well as servers at the remote office.


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EMC Bolsters Data Protection Reporting Capabilities With Acquisition Of Partner WysDM

Andrew News emerged Friday regarding EMC’s acquisition of data protection reporting software maker WysDM . The move is not entirely surprising due to several years of partnering arrangements between the two companies. WysDM, the New York City based independent software vendor, brings significant enterprise credibility gleaned from a Wall Street pedigree, with several founders coming not from Silicon Valley, but from the technology organizations of major investment banks. WysDM offers a strong portfolio of backup and primary data reporting tools — an area that is sorely lacking in most data centers today. With all storage environments growing at a significant pace, companies need to know how much data resides in what store, what the backup and replication scheme is for each piece of data, and must have the ability to measure the performance of all of the elements of a complex data storage environment.

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