Happy Earth Day 2008!

Frankland, Dave
[Posted by Dave Frankland]

While much of the world paints itself green today in observance of Earth Day (being Irish I thought that was a March 17 initiative), it seems like an appropriate occasion to stop and ask “how green is your interactive marketing”?  Last Friday, we published a report Direct Marketing Needs A Green Wake-up Call– but what about interactive marketers?

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"Digital" does not equal "interactive" marketing

[Posted by Shar VanBoskirk]

On a recent trip to Shanghai I attended a huge party for Adidas.  I was there with a friend of a friend who works for Ticketmaster and specialize in creating exclusive events and PR for brands, bands and celebrities.  Now this party was thumpin.'  On the top floor of a trendy Shanghai "loft" with a glass floor to see all the way down to the ground 20 odd floors below.  The room was chock full of people, and also huge digital billboards broadcasting Adidas commercials and branding messages.

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Case Study: Dissecting the Dell Regeneration Graffiti Facebook Campaign

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]


The market pressure to create technology products that protect or at least damage their impact to the environment continues to grow.  Sustainability and green-tech campaigns are coming from nearly every tech company --esp hardware manufactures.  Dell is no exception and launches this Regeneration campaign.

[Dell Leaned on an Active Artist Community in Facebook to Create, Vote, Self-Regulate what it "Means to be Green" Regeneration Campaign]

I've not spoken with the Dell marketing team, but it's pretty obvious this is a campaign helps to help improve Dell products to be more eco-friendly, and of course, spur affinity torwards the brand from green leaning consumers, the ReGeneration site has more details.

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