Complex Event Processing (CEP) For I&KM — Mouthfuls, Morsels, And Meaningful, Manageable, Multifaceted Streams of Real-Time Int

Jameskobielus_7By James Kobielus

This past week’s Forrester Enterprise Architecture (EA) Forum was quite an excellent experience. Being new to Forrester, it was a splendid opportunity to introduce myself to our customers, engage them in face-to-face inquiries, and present my research priorities. Not being new to the analyst space, it was also a chance for me to re-introduce — hence recontextualize — myself, and my focus areas, within the Forrester universe of research client groups, orbits, and domains.

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IBM Expands IOD Portfolio, Perhaps To The Bursting Point

By James Kobielus, Boris Evelson, Paul Hamerman, Rob Karel, Kyle McNabb, Craig Le Clair, Colin Teubner, Merv Adrian, and Connie Moore

Simplicity is bliss, but complexity has the upper hand in many enterprise information and knowledge management (I&KM) environments.

To keep a lid on runaway complexity, enterprise I&KM professionals often limit their strategic solution vendors and professional services partners to a chosen few. Typically, strategic vendors are those that can offer the widest range of best-of-breed I&KM solutions. Sourcing from a core group of solution providers also allows enterprise IT staff to obtain better licensing terms, reduce maintenance costs, and tighten cross-product and platform integration across diverse solution components.

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Virtual Offices For All: Return Of The Serendipitous Interaction

Ericadriver_8By Erica Driver

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