Notes From IDS Scheer's ProcessWorld Conference

I’ve recently returned from IDS Scheer’s ProcessWorld Conference held February 13-15, 2008 in Orlando, FL. Although I missed the closing day, it was a brief but information-packed day and a half that afforded me the opportunity to meet with the firm’s leadership and share perspectives with their clients during the afternoon of the pre-conference user day and day one.

In his keynote, Thomas Volk, IDS Scheer’s CEO and President, proclaimed 2008 the year of the “rise of the operational CEO” who, in order to return shareholder value, increase market valuation, grow the top line, and mitigate risks:

• sets objectives prescriptively
• manages accountability objectively
• monitors execution constantly
• sees potential problems early
• makes adjustments regularly

To accomplish the above tasks, Volk described ARIS as the platform to provide “corner office command-and-control of the operational strategy”. While this could stir up visions of a corporate “Big Brother”, I prefer to see it as useful advice for today’s executives to keep an eagle’s eye view of their organization’s process performance at a high level.

Yet at the same time, this strategic view must be complemented at the operational and tactical levels. This theme of transparency at all levels is reflected in the ARIS Business Performance Edition for 2008. Dr. Helge Heß, a Director for the Process Intelligence/Performance Manager solution and Dr. Wolfram Jost of IDS Scheer’s Executive Board and IDS Scheer’s executive product steward, shared some product highlights ahead of the Q2 official release:

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Analyst Comments from SAP Insider Event in Nice

This week I attended SAP Insider's European three-part conference — covering Logistics & Supply Chain Management, PLM, and Manufacturing — and got a chance to catch up with both SAP PLM customers and the SAP executive team on the latest SAP PLM strategy and roadmap. Over the years, SAP's PLM solution development has been a story of evolution. Starting with basic document and image vaulting in the 1990's, the SAP PLM moniker has steadily expanded to include BOM management (leveraging common data objects from SAP ERP), a complex, concurrent product-process module called iPPE (co-developed and piloted with BMW), specifications and recipe management (building upon SAP's Environmental Health & Safety database), and engineering change workflows (basically the major integrating denominator across these modules). Most recently and starting in 2005, SAP has gone to market with its New Product Development & Introduction (NPDI) xApps — a suite of tools which includes cProjects (for phase-gate project management), xRPM (for resource and portfolio management), and xPD (for ideation and concept management).

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