Windows Vista SP1: Success!

Ben_2 Well that was easy! Not only did the Release Candidate Refresh 2 of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) install successfully, it installed much faster than the previous version attempted to. In fact the experience was quite pleasant. I loaded the DVD in, requested that it automatically reboot when necessary, and then it was off doing its magic. Just a little over an hour later — but still after three reboots — I had successfully installed Windows Vista SP1.

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My Experiences With An Early Version Of Windows Vista SP1


Having already received
dozens of client inquiries on Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) I thought it might be an interesting learning experience
to install the Release Candidate Refresh on my desktop at home. Boy was I
right, but the first attempt wasn’t exactly successful or pleasant.

You see, my primary hard drive
recently kicked the bucket. So I had to replace it and reinstall Windows Vista.
Thankfully I backed up all of my content! But I was in such a rush to install
SP1 that when I loaded the DVD and accepted the 13 page license terms (which I
read thoroughly of course), my PC spent over two hours installing Stages 1
through 3 — rebooting three times in the process — only to inform me that the
Service Pack did not install; the machine reverted to its initial state. Uh oh,
did I not reactivate Windows Vista before attempting this?

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2008 Application Development Professionals Success Imperatives

  1. Modernize development and delivery practices to improve throughput
  2. Adopt architectures that can evolve in lockstep with business needs
  3. Design rich, dynamic applications that support the way people actually work
  4. Maximize the business impact of projects and portfolios
  5. Select the right app dev technologies for today's needs 6. Optimize software and services sourcing strategy

What can CISOs learn from the Societe Generale debacle

It is astounding, and in the words of Societe Generale's chairman and chief executive, Daniel Bouton “unbelievable” that a person could single-handedly circumvent the security of France’s second largest bank to cause so much damage. This event brings to bear what security professionals have been saying for years – focus on the insider threat. Mr. Kerviel cost the bank $7.2 billion by making huge unauthorized trades that he hid for months by allegedly hacking into the computers of the bank and creating fraudulent transactions to hide his tracks. The combined trading positions he built up totaled some €50 billion, or $73 billion. While this level of exposure going unnoticed boggles the mind, none of it could have happened without a fundamental failure of information security controls.

Here are ten lessons for us security folks to pass on to our executive teams.

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What Is Your Future?

Mike Gualtieri Everyday, you are in the trenches building apps that the business needs to be successful.  Our number one job at Forrester is to help make you better, faster and stronger.  That means helping you understand best practices, tools, technologies, architectures, platforms and methodologies that are aligned with your success imperatives.  But, it also means hypothesizing about the future of application development and especially what the future means to you.

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Virtual Worlds For Collaboration: When You Remove Constraints, You Change The Possibilities

Ericadriver_5By Erica Driver

This weekend I listened to a great panel discussion about virtual worlds and their impact on the future of work at the MetaverseU conference at Stanford University . The panelists were Byron Reeves, Co-Director of Stanford’s Human Sciences and Technology Advanced Research center, Christian Renaud, Chief Architect of Networked Virtual Environments for the Cisco Technology Center, and Reuben Steiger, CEO of virtual worlds agency Millions of Us. The key takeway from the panel: work is changing dramatically and virtual worlds have a potentially — though not inevitably — huge role to play.

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Good Practices For Mixed-Reality Meetings

Ericadriver_6By Erica Driver

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Virtual Worlds: The World Describes, The Web Predicts

Ericadriver_7By Erica Driver

At the MetaverseU conference at Stanford University this weekend, Ginsu Soon, VP of Business Affairs at Linden Lab, shared a framework for thinking about the future of virtual worlds. He said that in some ways it’s appropriate to draw an analogy between virtual worlds and the Web and in other ways it’s appropriate to draw an analogy between virtual worlds and the world in general. His main point — and it’s a good one — is don’t mix the two analogies.

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Complex Events, Simple Experiences

Jameskobielus_6By James Kobielus

Before the week is out, a few more thoughts inspired by various things I experienced at and around Forrester's Enterprise Architecture (EA) Forum last week in beautiful (but surprisingly chilly) Coronado, California.

What stuck with me was the presentation and demo by Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe. Though I was already quite familiar with Adobe’s Flex technology for rich Internet applications (RIA) technology, I liked the fact that Lynch presented Flex this time around as a business tool--in other words, as an interactive visualization technology for business intelligence (BI), business performance optimization, and event-rich analytics. All of which made perfect sense in a forum for enterprise architects.

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