Microsoft Parties Like It’s 2007

VoceMicrosoft celebrates the launch of the latest Windows
Server, SQL Server, and Visual Studio products with a global release party. The
events are intended to showcase the underappreciated IT professional with
their, “Heroes Happen Here” campaign. A nice touch for IT pros, whose work
often doesn’t get any attention until something breaks.

Windows Server 2008 brings enhancements in security,
manageability, and improved web platform in IIS. The virtualization solution,
Hyper-V will likely emerge as the biggest draw in the OS. As of now, it’s still
a beta and Microsoft promises to deliver the final version within 180 days of
Windows Server 2008’s release. 

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Windows Vista SP1: Success!

Ben_2 Well that was easy! Not only did the Release Candidate Refresh 2 of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) install successfully, it installed much faster than the previous version attempted to. In fact the experience was quite pleasant. I loaded the DVD in, requested that it automatically reboot when necessary, and then it was off doing its magic. Just a little over an hour later — but still after three reboots — I had successfully installed Windows Vista SP1.

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My Experiences With An Early Version Of Windows Vista SP1


Having already received
dozens of client inquiries on Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) I thought it might be an interesting learning experience
to install the Release Candidate Refresh on my desktop at home. Boy was I
right, but the first attempt wasn’t exactly successful or pleasant.

You see, my primary hard drive
recently kicked the bucket. So I had to replace it and reinstall Windows Vista.
Thankfully I backed up all of my content! But I was in such a rush to install
SP1 that when I loaded the DVD and accepted the 13 page license terms (which I
read thoroughly of course), my PC spent over two hours installing Stages 1
through 3 — rebooting three times in the process — only to inform me that the
Service Pack did not install; the machine reverted to its initial state. Uh oh,
did I not reactivate Windows Vista before attempting this?

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How Big Is Your FRU?

The Sun Modular Datacenter S20 is the world's first virtualized datacenter built into a shipping container and optimized to deliver extreme energy, space, and performance efficiencies.

Earlier this week, Sun Microsystems announced that its Project Blackbox was now a commercially shipping product. I have to confess that when they first told me about this effort I saw it as a nice showcase innovation — something they could use to demonstrate how densely racks could be configured and how energy efficient their products were. They could drive it from city to city for in-person demonstrations. Nice marketing idea. But I didn’t see the practicality to real enterprise data centers. Who’d be willing to buy a container and park it outside their data center? Yeah, that’s secure.

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