3PAR, HP, And VMware Team Up To Promote A Cross Functional Best Practice Architecture, 3CV

Andrew On December 10th, 2007, 3PAR announced a partnership with HP and VMware to promote a high performance infrastructure architecture that a group of large customers developed, implemented, and validated. Customer references include marquee companies Deutsche Bank, Hilton, Savvis, and Ariba. Coined “3CV,” which stands for “3” Par, HP “C” Class Blade Center, and “V” Mware, the architecture is said to reduce total hardware acquisition cost, cut power consumption, and increase the agility of provisioning, as well as enable consolidation through security at the virtualization layer rather than through physical separation.

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Online Backup Markets Keeps Sizzling With IBM’s Acquisition of Arsenal Digital

On December 6th, 2007 IBM announced its acquisition of Arsenal Digital Solutions, a major player in the online backup service provider market. Arsenal provides online backup services to customers directly but other service providers (particularly telecommunication providers) rebrand and resell Arsenal's online backup services as their own. So the company is both provider and enabler. Arsenal is profitable, cash flow positive and has not required funding since 2002. It has approximately 3400 customers. IBM did not disclose the value of the acquisition.

This is the second major acquisition in the online backup market in the last year. In December 2006, Seagate Technology acquired Evault for $185 million and in October 2007, EMC acquired Berkeley Data Systems (the company behind Mozy) for $76 million. It all really began however, with Iron Mountain's acquisition of LiveVault in 2005.

It is important to note that the acquisition was made by IBM Global Services (IGS), not IBM Tivoli or IBM System and Technology. This acquisition is not about filling in a product gap (although IBM is lagging in data protection offerings that support deduplication), it's about ensuring a foothold in a critical market. In fact, the engine of Arsenal's service is EMC Avamar - what Arsenal provides is a software as a service (SaasS) wrapper around Avamar, everything you need for SaaS such as multi-tenancy, billing, reporting etc. IGS is clearly indifferent to the technology; they care about a dependable, scaleable online backup service