Five questions for social computing strategy

  Can Paixano 
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I had "dinner" at Can Paixano last night - talk about being social!


During the day, there was a lot of talk about social computing initiatives and we tweeted quite a bit of it.  As I hear about different brands, industries, and technologies, some questions keep coming to mind:

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Using Social Technologies for the Next Generation of Customer Research

[Posted by Jeremiah Owyang]

Using Social Technologies for the Next Generation of Customer Research

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The Opportunity for a Billion People to Help Build Your Brand

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Open Branding - The Opportunity for a Billion People to Help Build Your Brand
by Gurval Caer, President and CEO, Blast Radius

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Wunderman Defines The Age of Influence Marketing

Mark Taylor followed Jaap by discussing a new take on Wunderman's long-term strategic approach to relationship marketing.  Specifically, he mentioned marketers must acknowledge the shift to "The age of influence marketing" by embracing two new channels: 

1) The Channel of Me and 2) The Channel of Us

Both channels actually leverage the *consumer* as a marketing vehicle as well as as a target audience.

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Jaap Favier to Brands: Don't Walk Alone

Greetings from Forrester's EMEA consumer and finance forums in Barcelona!  We've just finished the first two speakers of the event:  Forrester's VP and Research Director, Jaap Favier and Wunderman's Chief Marketing Technologist Officer, Mark Taylor. 

The presentations were an excellent introductions to the themes for both the consumer and the finance tracks:  Share Your Brand (for the consumer track) and Beating the Competition With Superior Customer Experience (for the financial track).

Jaap had a few particular soundbites which I thought really crystalized the current state of marketers today, and also the changes they need to make in order to accommodate the growing influence of user generated content and virtual communities.

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Forrester Consumer Marketing Forum EMEA is happening now!

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Why Hyper Targeting, Social Ads and rise of the "Fan-Sumer” matter to brands

Both Facebook and MySpace have launched profile and network targeted advertising and marketing products.  As they both use member interests and the communities which they are part of, trust continues to become key in adoption as information is passed along the network.  The sheer size of MySpace’s member base, as well as the thriving local business membership will lead to success.  Facebook, which brings a unique solution evolves advertisements to endorsements and encourages members to subscribe to a brand in what we are calling “Fan-Sumers” (an evolution of the consumer).  As consumers share their affinities, brands can advertise using trusted social relationships.

Data: Highest trust comes from friends or acquaintances

(Left Graph: Consumers trust their friends and acquaintances far more than any other sources --Forrester Research, 2007)

Trust is and will continue to be one of the most important attributes in the decision making process. 

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Barcelona Blogger Dinner - 15 November

Jeremiah and I will both be in Barcelona next week for Forrester's Consumer Forum EMEA.  There's a blogger dinner on Thursday night - if you're around please join us!