Omniture continues to extend its execution capabilities

Omniture acquires yet another solution to complement a growing application set for interactive marketers. Last week Omniture announced that it was acquiring Offermatica. I can’t say that I am surprised by the announcement. Omniture had signaled its intent to aggressively pursue its vision of an integrated solution for online marketing with its acquisitions of Touch Clarity and the announcements of SearchCenter and the Genesis platform in the last year. At that time we thought it was a good idea but Omniture needed to – 1)integrate multiple acquisitions 2) handle a large and growing network of partners and 3) learn to compete in new markets. While these imperatives remain true today, two additional themes become particularly relevant. The need to: 1) harmonize the platform around one single data collection and optimization engine and 2) convince the partner network that they intend to collaborate on integrating their tools. The second theme is particularly challenging – What signals is Omniture sending its burgeoning partner network when it cherry picks point solutions like Offermatica?

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Gphone? Maybe ...

Here's a link to an article that I wrote for RCR Wireless this morning.


One month left until Forrester's Consumer Forum

ForrcfWe are officially one month away from Forrester's Consumer Forum
- it's going to be held in Chicago from October 10 - 12.  Here are some
of the things that I'm involved with during the event and others that
I'm looking forward to.

- Using Twitter, Facebook, and Forrester's Marketing Blog to communicate around the event.

- Facilitating the "Tools For Tomorrow's CMO" workshop with Lisa Bradner the day before the forum.

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Blast from the Past ... Iridium

I just saw this article posted on FierceWireless. (points to FT). The irony is that this is a business that the modern cell phone nearly killed (I actually thought it had. I mean, I knew there were still a bunch of satellites orbiting the earth, but didn't know there was still a wireless service play).

In theory one should not consider sunk costs when looking forward, but it's hard to ignore the fact that investors paid only $25M for 66 satellites that Motorola and Co. spent $5 billion putting into space.

Among a host of other problems the service encounter, cost/size of handsets, cost of service and in-building coverage were a few of the more prominent ones. Competing services/technologies were also an issue. Basic physics haven't changed so it's hard to believe that all of these problems have been solved. Will be an interesting one to watch especially in light of the fact that new, high speed terrestrial networks (e.g., UMB, LTE, WiMax) are in the works.


Yahoo!/Blue Lithium Further Validates Online Display Ads

The announcment that Yahoo is buying ad network Blue Lithium comes at a ponderous time for me since I'm just wrapping up the research for Forrester's forecast of Interactive Marketing Spending and (report is due Sept 28).  Per that research, I'm finding that indeed interactive budgets are on their way up with marketers (still) most interested in search and (newly interested in) online video. Display ads continue to be a part of almost all online campaigns and yet no marketer has much to say about them.  Marketers and vendors alike have commented that display ads as a medium have undersold themselves since the early 2000s.  Basically display ads have capabilities that no marketer knows/cares about.  Or that has not yet been fully exploited.

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99 cent Ringtones from Apple

Among the many announcements Apple made this morning with the roll out of their new ipod line up and Wi-Fi iTunes store (see my colleague Michael Gartenberg's blog), they are also adding a custom ringtone maker to iTunes (iTunes 7.4). For 99 cents, a user can create a custom ringtone up to 30 seconds long from over a million participating songs on iTunes. Steve Jobs did a demo today - looked very straightforward and easy to do as things always are with Apple and the end-to-end experience they provide. Wow.

I posted a blog back in January when they first launched the iPhone. I wondered about the roll of the carrier. I wondered about mobile content - would there be any? Would third-party developers create games for the iPhone? Who would sell the mobile content as there appeared to not be any AT&T portals/UI on the phone. We begin to see some of the answer now.


AT & T Wireless Hits Target with Strong Offering for Parents

AT&T Wireless today announced a set of web-base tools that allow parents to control spending, access, content, etc. on their children's phones. Based on our research, the roll out of the services comes at an opportune time. Parents with children under the age of 13 years with cell phones are especially keen to have these tools - and are willing to pay. As the age of the child increases, ability to limit spending becomes even more important.

These services are being rolled out at a time when a lot of parents are signing up children younger than the age of 14 years. Our forecasts show that growth in the Tween market will be substantial for the next couple of years.

See our report for more detais.