Workshop: Social computing, August 8th, San Francisco

Hi - I'm a little late in putting up this note, but better late than never.  I'll be out in San Francisco next week for a workshop on social computing with Charlene Li.  Three great reasons to attend:

  1. A strong content plan (see the agenda).
  2. A diverse attendee list, representing seven different industries.  That makes for great discussion.
  3. Fantastic panelists to wrap up the day:  Anil Dash (SixApart), Mike Walsh (Leverage Software), Todd Parsons (BuzzLogic), and Jeremiah Owyang (PodTech)

I believe Forrester clients can use service units to register and everyone can contact events directly.

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Following Forrester's Consumer Forum 2007

Forrcf_banner1_3Forrester's Consumer Forum 2007 is coming up soon - October 11/12 in Chicago.  The focus is on social computing and we have a great speaker lineup with keynotes including Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff, Christie Hefner, and Henry Jenkins.

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Direct and database marketer survey

Our team has another new survey that will fuel Dave Frankland and Suresh Vittal's research .  Their goal is to provide meaningful benchmarks in the areas of organizational goals and staffing, multichannel integration, and measurement. We value your insight and look forward to sharing our findings with survey respondents.

The survey should take approximately 25 minutes to complete. All respondents will receive a copy of the research reports that result from the survey. As always, responses will be kept strictly confidential.

We're updating our online marketing forecast

We're preparing to update our popular Online Marketing Forecast for 2007 to 2012.  Though we know the market is growing in a seemingly unbounded fashion, we need your help to keep us grounded in reality.  If you’re involved in budgeting for email, search, display ads, or emerging channels, please take our online surveyIf not, spread the word to your colleagues who are. Survey participants reveive a copy of the new Online Marketing Forecast and are entered into a drawing.

How to Talk About Consumers

I was privileged to speak at a client conference in Fontainebleau last week.  We were discussing Organic Branding and the importance of companies developing more collaborative relationships with their consumers to build brands using Social Computing tools.

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Customer Centricity – A Refreshing Reminder From The SMB World

I met earlier this week with Constant Contact, the email service provider focused on the small (and I mean SMALL business market. . . half of their clients have fewer than 5 employees). They were in to talk about a new survey tool they've developed ListenUp!, the first product in a new marketing suite of SMB tools they are developing to complement their email capabilities. The survey tool looks good. . . a helpful solution for small marketers trying to conduct some market research, or gather some customer data to make segmentation possible.

But what really impressed me in my conversation with Constant Contact was their value system and how it has led to continued growth for them. Here it is:

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Google Aims For The Enterprise Apps Space With Postini Acquisition

The news to welcome us all back from the July 4 holiday was that "Google Buys Again."  This time Postini, an enterprise app focused on communications security and compliance, for $625 million.

To me, this acquisition does means a few things:

1) It clearly demonstrates Google's intent to expand outside of its present role as a search engine or online media provider and into a more holistic role as a technology and media solutions provider.

2) It also expands Google's access to the enterprise customer.  Google has made its first fortune by selling paid ads adjacent to the volumes of consumer searches conducted on  New Web features like Google News, Gmail and Google Checkout are also providing Google consumer data and additional outlets where they can sell ads.  Postini now provides Google insight into enterprise email and perhaps ultimately ad space within the enterprise inbox.

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For Forrester clients: Are you a rater?

RatingHello Forrester clients,

Have you ever noticed the option to rate documents?  Next time you're on, look for the "ratings and comments" box on the right hand side, next to the document body.  If you typically get PDF copies of documents, you can ask your seat holder to rate docs for you.

Why does this matter?  Ratings are one of the best ways to get feedback on our research quality.  We take the numbers pretty seriously - down the line, they figure into performance evaluations and compensation.  I pay attention to the numbers and the comments that go with them critical.  It's *extremely* helpful to know how to improve.  Sometimes not all improvements can be made, e.g. more specific performance results when a client doesn't want to release all of their data.

So next time you're on the site and reading our latest research - let us know what you think!



P.S. Non-clients can register for free temporary access!

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