Use Real Metrics To Assess Value Of Collaboration

by Erica Driver

When trying to establish metrics for the success of your collaboration strategy or software implementation, use measures of real business value, not false indicators.

False Indicators

  • Number of items in a discussion thread
  • Number of community members
  • Megabytes of unstructured content in a site
  • How many times you get in front of decision makers to present -- and the responses you receive
  • Number of ideas entered into an idea tracking system
  • Repeat users on a site (e.g., team workspace, wiki, blog, community)
  • Number of site visits

Problems With False Indicators

  • Can be manipulated for positive results
  • Not valued by business stakeholders
  • Ideas don't automatically translate into business value
  • Use of a software tool does not mean it is producing results -- it could be nothing more than a productivity sinkhole
  • Time a user spends on a site may indicate an affinity but does not mean the content on the site is influencing the reader to create higher value

Measures Of True Business Value

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Have You Ever Been Ninged?

by Connie Moore.

A couple of months ago I was Ninged. I opened my email first thing in the morning and there it was . . . an invitation from Mike “Early Bird” Gilpin to participate in a workgroup discussion about dynamic business apps (more on that in a future post). Now Mike is a colleague of mine at Forrester and I tremendously respect his knowledge and experience and intellect. So, of course, I immediately and enthusiastically responded "Yes!"  Not only that, I immediately invited every analyst in my team and some other colleagues to join us.

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