"Want Loyalty? Get a dog."

Orbitztlc Is customer loyalty a marketing myth? Lester Wunderman thinks so. So does Randy Susan Wagner, CMO of Orbitz.  In her speech yesterday, she spoke about creating deep relationships with consumers, rather than building loyalty.

A few key points that stood out:

  • “The enterprise needs to become not just customer driven, but customer insight driven.”
  • “The more things (read technology) change, the more they stay the same.”
  • "Think like me” is a phrase Randy used to describe discovering a point of connection with your consumer. A human truth. 
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Sony's Customer Centric (Re)organization

By Ross Popoff-Walker - Researcher, Customer Experience, Forrester

What does SpiderMan 3 have to do with customer-centricity?  A lot if you’re Sony Electronics CMO Michael Fasulo, who spoke today on the mainstage with Senior Analyst Brian Haven. That’s because Sony’s large, global family of diverse brands, from Vaio to Sony Pictures, presents an organizational hurdle towards customer centricity.

“The successful brands of this 21st century will be only those brands that can truly execute a customer centric model,” said Fasulo. And he isolated two curtail elements for achieving this success: 1) changing the company culture, first and foremost, and 2) leveraging the Total Brand.

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