Why and where we blog

I stumbled across a new Forrester blog recently and thought you might be interested in hearing about where other Forrester analysts are blogging:

The marketing team also had a conversation about why we blog.  Our feed subscription and site traffic have grown at a pretty decent pace and I thought it was a good point for a status check.  Some of our reasons:

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Google's Interest in Adscape Brings Credibility To Game Marketing

There has been a lot of buzz this week about Google buying Adscape Media, a San Francisco-based company specializing in in-game ad placements.

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Does Inside Sales Belong In Marketing?

Happy New Year, everyone! Jeff reminds me that I made a resolution to blog more, so let me post a short one to start off and ask a question:

Does your inside sales/ telesales organization report up to the head of Sales or the head of Marketing?

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What's so interesting about AOL's bid for TradeDoubler?

This past Tuesday, AOL put in a 6.3 billion kronor (about $900 million) bid for Swedish ad network TradeDoubler.  Although TradeDoubler's board voted to accept the bid, one of its largest share holders rejected the bid as undervalued.  The take among the investment community is that this is AOL's attempt to expand advertising revenues now that it has moved away from its subscription-based business model.  While I think this is certainly true, I find a few other angles of the potential acquisition more interesting:

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Consumers As Media: How Far Will This Go?

AdAge just announced Gino Bona, a sales exec out of Portsmouth, NH as the winner of the NFL's "create your own Super Bowl commercial" contest.  And the NFL is not the only sponsor of viewer-created commercials.  Chevy and Frito-Lay sponsored similar contests for their own Super Bowl spots.

Then last week the news broke about the entrepreneurial "J.P" who was seeking corporate sponsors to pay him to propose to his girlfriend during a Super Bowl commercial.  The notion of using consumers to create ads isn't new and clearly consumers are actively creating their own media.  But these last few stories got me to thinking:  What happens now that not only are consumers creating media, but consumer actually are media?  Reality TV is huge.  And I would bet most of us have some fairly close connection with someone who has been on a reality TV show (my ex-boyfriend was fraternity brothers with the guy who "won" ABC's second season of "The Bachelorette."). 

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Organic Branding

Originally this blog post was going to capture our New Year’s predictions and resolutions but I figure  we’re all a bit bloated and tired of prognostication by now.. Instead I’m going to use this post for a bit of shameless self-promotion to talk about my first published long document “Organic branding: Using consumers to help build your brand."

Organic branding is a term we coined here at Forrester to describe the fluid and responsive method of brand development companies must adopt to market successfully to empowered and opinionated consumers.  While a lot of the marketing press has heralded a new era where marketers must “cede control of their brands” and be prepared for consumers to drive everything I think this both over simplifies and over states the issues.

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Better Late Than Never: Five Things You Didn't Know About Christine Overby

Thanks for the tag, Pete! The more of these that I read, the longer I put this off. How can my life compete with knife fights in Moracco and killer golf handicaps (just kidding Julie and Laura)?!?!

But in the spirit of good fun, here are 5 facts about me:

1. I have unusually long arms. Did you know that most people have a "wingspan" -- the distance between your middle fingertips with your arms outstretched -- that's roughly equivalent to their height? Well, if I were as tall as my wingspan long, then I would be over 6' (I'm 5'8").  This is an endless source of amusement for friends, especially when I wear sleeveless shirts. One calls me Stretch Armstrong. [Sigh.]

2. I have a nerdy obsession with food writing. Not cookbooks and restaurant reviews, but hard core stuff from Harold McGee, MFK Fisher, and Brillat-Savarin. I also like to make a mess in the kitchen, but don't ask me to replicate dishes since I never measure and always second-guess recipe ingredients (the analyst in me, I guess).

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So you want to be a CMO?

Back in October, I was a privileged fly on the wall of Forrester's CMO Leadership Board meeting in Chicago.  The guest speaker was Greg Welch
from Spencer Stuart, talking about what makes a good CMO.  Greg should
know - he handles some of the highest profile searches around.

Some things you may know already:  CMO tenure is way down
- almost 23 months, about half of CEO tenure.  These are $1mm jobs that
are really general manager roles that come with high stakes and
expectations.  New chief marketers need to build bridges and prove that
marketing delivers value, doesn't just spend money.  A key question:
does your marketing team look like your customer base?

CEOs are looking for a fit at the intersection of job (i.e.
responsibilities), organization (i.e. cultural elements), and personal
qualifications (i.e. competencies).  The top skills required for
success?  Leadership - influence and impact.  A track record of results
- no excuses.  General management and P&L experience.  Innovation

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