Google's Interest in Adscape Brings Credibility To Game Marketing

There has been a lot of buzz this week about Google buying Adscape Media, a San Francisco-based company specializing in in-game ad placements.

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Organic Branding

Originally this blog post was going to capture our New Year’s predictions and resolutions but I figure  we’re all a bit bloated and tired of prognostication by now.. Instead I’m going to use this post for a bit of shameless self-promotion to talk about my first published long document “Organic branding: Using consumers to help build your brand."

Organic branding is a term we coined here at Forrester to describe the fluid and responsive method of brand development companies must adopt to market successfully to empowered and opinionated consumers.  While a lot of the marketing press has heralded a new era where marketers must “cede control of their brands” and be prepared for consumers to drive everything I think this both over simplifies and over states the issues.

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