The meme continued . . .

Tagged by Pete and a participant in Forrester’s blogjam sessions, I’ll take a shot at Five Things You Didn't Know About Me. Brief introductions: I’m a senior research associate on the marketing team here at Forrester and I spend most of my time working with Shar, Laura, Suresh, and Dave.

But back to the meme:

1. To continue the past job theme that folks have been writing about, my most unusual job was the first summer of college; I spent my summer days from sunrise till sunset, hip deep in Connecticut ponds surveying frogs (collecting them, not questioning them).

2. I fenced foil for eight years, earned the rank of 44th in the nation, and made the NCAA finals twice while in college.

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Verizon Launches Ads on Phones

This wasn't really so much a question of "if," but "when." They were piloting for a portion of 2006 and Sprint launched this past fall. Alltel has also been in the news with their plans. See NYTimes article.

It's exciting from an advertiser perspective to see the carriers enter the market and open up their portals to advertisements. With all of the demographic information that most carriers collect when they register
new subscribers, they offer advertisers the ability to conduct highly targeted advertising. Not all of this capability will be in place on day one. (I was browsing for the new game SIL on the Sprint network and the only ad I saw was Lava Life. That said, I'm not actually a registered subscriber).

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Who tagged the new guy?

Cheers Pete!  I'm the newest member of Forrester's
Marketing analyst team and will be focusing my research on database and direct
marketing, essentially helping firms to leverage customer data to enhance their
marketing effectiveness.
Seeing as this is week 3 for me, 5 things unknown is
relatively easy. 

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Five things you didn't know about an anonymous team member

Thanks, Pete, for the opportunity to introduce myself.  Since I’ve never posted before, my life is a blank slate to readers.  Here’s a snippet:

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Blog Tag Continues: Five Things You May Not Know About Laura Ramos

So it looks like Peter Kim and Eric Kintz have innocently conspired to whittle away at the precious little time standing between me and a long end-of-the-quarter winter's break. While some corporations may frown on an employee spending a few minutes to join a game of corporate blogging, I suspect the outcome will be both a little surprising and beneficial to the bloggers who decide to play. The Internet has truly made the world a much smaller place, as I believe this blog tag game will show.  Here's my contribution, 5 things about me that some of you may not have suspected:

1) I was born in Japan, but am not a Japanese citizen.  (My dad was in the US Navy for 23 years.)

2) During college summers, I worked onboard Navy ships in San Diego for the Naval Sea Support Center (See a common theme here?)

3) Everyone in my immediate family plays golf.  While my handicap is too embarrassingly high to mention (my 9-year-old daughter occassionally hits the ball farther than I do,) my 14-year-old son's handicap is around 12 and my husband's is a 9. As further proof of our golf insantity: over the summer, we had an artificial putting green installed in our backyard.

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Blog tag: Five things you didn't know about Peter Kim

There's a meme that has been circulating in blogs for the past couple of weeks called "five things you didn't know about me."  After posting an entry on my personal blog, I tagged five people with only moderate expectations that they would participate - and three already have (same day!):  Eric Kintz at HP and Charlene Li at Forrester, and Marianne Richmond of Resonance Partnership.

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Mobile Search on my Cell Phone

I did a search today on a carrier portal for Bruce Springsteen.

The results were:

Games and Applications: Hungry Puppy 3D (How do they know I'm starving my iPlay puppy?)
Ringtones [nothing specific]
Ringback Tones [nothing specific - offered similar music]

At the same time they recommended:

Scuba Solitaire
Midnight Pool
Virtua Tennis


I tried it again with the search terms "U2."

This worked and they sent me links to some ring tones and ringback tones. Lots of clicks to buy, etc. but this was fairly well integrated with the mobile content portal. Liked it.

They recommended:

Over my head (cable car)
Lightening crashes


Search worked well - not sold on the recommendation engines yet.


Anti-Social Computing?

We’ve been talking a lot in our research about the importance of “Humanizing the Digital Experience” – that is, using ever more and more prevalent digital channels to extend the personal connection marketers have to their customers.  And yet, I feel like most marketers actually need to focus on humanizing the human experience first.  In fact, I would argue that advances in technology are actually limiting the inter-personal interactions we have with human representations of a given brand.  Let me explain what I mean.

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B2B Marketers: Gearing Up For Podcasts?

Hey B2B marketers, sorry about the hiatus in blog postings of late. My new year’s resolution is to post more often. The other thing I’m going to try in the New Year is to take a closer look at the impact of emerging technologies on business marketing.

In keeping with the theme of the previous post, I plan to team up with my Forrester colleague, Brian Haven, and look at when podcasting may be better suited for B2B marketing. For a preview, watch for Brian’s soon-to-be-published research called “Making Podcasts Work For Your Brand” where he highlights 9 techniques for creating successful podcasts.

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$8.99 for a cell phone game?!?!?!?!

Is it any wonder that consumers find mobile applications expensive?

I just paid $8.99 to download SIL to my handset. I still can't believe that I did it. The game is good - I rated it highly in the Nokia Forum Awards, but seriously. Is this a sign that mobile games will be limited to a niche market of consumers without dedicated handheld gaming devices who are not price-sensitive? I played the game initially on my N80 - was much better on that device than the phone that I downloaded it to. You may ask why I didn't download to my unlocked N80?

Because I couldn't find the carrier's mobile content portal. Go figure.