New Momentum For Local Advertising

Last week Charlene Li and I talked with Josh Walker-- a Forrester alum and all around smart guy -- about his new company CityVoter.  Here’s what CityVoter does and why it matters to media outlets, local businesses and national advertisers:

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The day the DVR’s stopped: Lost takes a leap in cross-channel marketing

Wednesday night marked and interesting evening in television. I was watching ABC's Lost on my DVR 30 minutes after the original airtime (so I could skip commercials, of course). During the final commercial break, I noticed an ad fly by at high speed and I saw a logo for The Hanso Foundation. Lost fans know that the Hanso foundation is an element of the plot line, but what was it doing in a commercial break?  I went back to view the ad and find out what it was all about.

It turns out that the ad is all part of the Lost Experience, a cross-channel marketing effort integrated with the show's story line. The commercial was about human knowledge and extending human life (find the add on YouTube or on The ad concluded with a phone number (877-HANSORG) and a URL ( Small text at the bottom of the TV ad stated that it was paid for by Sprite, connecting it to the ‘lymon’ portion of the URL. After solving a simple puzzle on the extremely slowly loading website, you were given a code: “heir apparent.” Then you clicked on a barely legible link to the Hanso Foundation website.

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