The Reality of Marketing Metrics

We recently participated in a panel on marketing measurement for the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange and it got us to thinking about all the hubbub around marketing measurement and analytics today.  Everyone is talking about it.  Everyone has vast quantities of data.  And yet despite the increased sophistication of measurement tools and practices, the debate about how to really do it continues.  No one has yet come up with an answer to the question: How do you measure marketing?  Here are just a few thoughts on why this is and what marketers can do about it: 

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Comcast Hosts VOD Upfront - An Industry First

Forrester believes that cable companies should embrace VOD advertising as a competitive weapon against satellite.  In a March 2006 survey of ANA members, Forrester found that 80% of respondents had already experimented with VOD ads or had plans to.  So what's going on with VOD advertising?  Some answers were provided in Comcast's VOD "upfront" on Friday, April 21st at the Museum of Television & Radio in New York - the first event of its kind for VOD advertising.

Comcast is putting up some impressive numbers.  In the past year, they have 10 million VOD customers and $1.4 billion in spot advertising.  VOD programs have over 2 billion views since 2004.  Over 70% of their digital cable customers use VOD monthly, selecting from over 7,000 programs.  According to Nielsen, the largest segment consuming Comcast VOD is ages 18-34, with 37% of the segment accessing the programming.

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Welcome to Forrester’s Marketing BlogJam!

I lead Forrester’s Marketing Strategy and Technology research team. One of the things I love about being an analyst at Forrester is the interaction I have every day with my colleagues, clients, and other industry players. Few people get the opportunity to work with such a smart, motivated, and creative group of people as we have at Forrester. Unfortunately, so many of the interesting conversations we have never make it to print – they are forgotten or left on the cutting room floor.

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