The Google Vidyo Relationship - More Than Just Strange Bedfellows

Vidyo and Google are bringing video-enabled Google Hangouts to work as well as working to make video easier to use and more ubiquitious across the business and consumer landscapes.  While the early realtionship may have been seen as opportunistic, today's announcements indicate a longer term commitment to deliver software and cloud-based video solutions to iWorkers and consumers around the globe.

Vidyo has been the video component behind Google+ Hangouts for some time – just as Skyoe has been the video enabler for Facebook Video Chat.  Vidyo and Google have pushed the WebRTC standard to enable simpler video communications from a standards based browser interface, and Google is leveraging Vidyo SVC (Scalable Video Code) technology in VP9 for Chrome and other browsers. Vidyo and Google  are now taking two more steps together to   
                1. Deliver simple video conferencing in a bundle for business – ChromeBox for Meetings
                2. Enable interoperability between Google+ hangouts and other voice and video systems
                     with VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts


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