Deutsche Telekom Ought To Play A More Central Role As Energy Sector Ecosystems Manager

By Dan Bieler and Holger Kisker

At its annual Energy Analyst And Sourcing Advisor Event in Berlin, Deutsche Telekom/T-Systems re-emphasized its commitment to service the energy sector with a dedicated offering. Over the past three years, Deutsche Telekom has spent significant resources in building up expertise to become a platform and service provider for the utility sector. Our main observations during the event were that Deutsche Telekom:



  • Achieved a major breakthrough to offer cloud-based SAP IS-U for SMBs. D-Telekom/T-Systems is bringing a brand new cloud solution to the market that is based on SAP’s market-leading industry solution IS-U, but is not limited to it. Additional solution components like a CRM module, marketing communication, and some in-house developed energy data management and portal make up for an end-to-end solution for utilities, delivered in a single comprehensive cloud service. The whole solution is licensed, with pricing based on metering points, including the SAP software license, which is a major breakthrough to reduce technical and commercial complexity for utilities companies.
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