TechnoPolitics Podcast: If The Future Of Advertising Is Mobile, Then Why Is It So Lame Now?

The future of online advertising is absolutely mobile, says Forrester Principal Analyst and Research Director Melissa Parrish. The problem is that mobile advertising today is just a compact, less complex version of traditional web advertising. That’s why many advertsiers say that it’s not as effective. Something has to change to make mobile advertising more effective. That something, says Melissa, is that mobile advertising must be driven by the user’s in-the-moment context. In this episode of Forrester TechnoPolitics, Melissa analyzes the mobile mindshift and the current state of mobile advertising.

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Application Developers: Ignore Big Data At Your Own Peril

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that big data is only about analytics for business intelligence. Big data is the fuel, and predictive analytics the engine, that will power the next generation of predictive applications, as I wrote in a prior post (Predictive Apps Are The Next Big Thing In App Development). Sure, there are absolutely many exciting use cases in traditional business intelligence. But the same knowledge, insight, and predictive models gained from big data analytics can transform boring business and consumer apps with the ability to design and develop predictive apps. What are predictive apps?

Predictive apps anticipate user intent and provide the right functionality and content on the right device, at the right time, for the right person by continuously learning about them.

A Home Depot Example Of A Predictive App

Let’s say your toilet is leaking. You go to Home Depot and buy a tank repair kit. You get it home and realize that you need a special screwdriver, so you make a second trip to Home Depot. You go home and find that the screws you tried to reuse were stripped after years of decay. You make a third trip to get the screws. Finally, you can fix the toilet successfully — but it took you three trips to Home Depot. Multiple trips to Home Depot stores is pain point for many customers.

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TechnoPolitics Podcast: Next Microsoft CEO Must Divest

Steve Ballmer is quitting Microsoft. His reign as Microsoft CEO will come to an end in the next 12 months. As he put it in his resignation letter, “This is an emotional and difficult thing for me to do. I take this step in the best interests of the company I love.” Fair enough. We love your passion and stewardship of Microsoft through these changing post-PC times. However, perhaps the times they are a-changing too fast. Internet giant Google has needled Microsoft’s core business and completely eclipsed it in mobile. And Apple has become expert at winning hearts. That leaves us with the big question: How does the next Microsoft CEO need to think to prove Ballmer’s assertion that “Microsoft has all its best days ahead”?

In this episode, TechnoPolitics asks Forrester Senior Analyst TJ Keitt to offer advice to Microsoft’s next CEO to avoid looming extinction and thrive in the post-PC era. Might an IBM-style divestiture strategy might be in the cards? Listen to find out.


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