Optimize Communication and Collaboration Infrastructure to Drive Business Productivity and Innovation

Business’s drive for innovation and competitiveness continues unabated  

The role of today’s Infrastructure and Operations professionals (I&O pros) has changed. The traditional role of surveying the technology market, predicting the future, selecting technologies to support the business, and delivering those technologies efficiently and effectively was hard enough. Today’s I&O pros are being asked to improve the innovativeness and competitiveness of the business while creating an infrastructure that allows endusers to bring their own technologies within a secure, reliable, compliant, and manageable environment. Communications and Collaboration Infrastructure (CCI) can be deployed to drive improvements in communication between employees, supporting innovation focused on driving business results.

An increasingly mobile and distributed workforce demands improved collaboration

As more employees work away from a "traditional" office (27% of workers spend at least 2 days a week away from their primary office location according to the Q2 2013 Forrsights Workforce Survey) and use multiple devices (over half of information workers use three or more devices for work according to the Q2 2013 Forrsights Workforce Survey), it complicates the I&O pro's job of connecting them. Traditional telephones and e-mail accounts aren't enough in today’s fast-paced business environment; new collaboration platforms from document repositories and web conferencing services to video conferencing and enterprise social software help to connect employees and partners to drive innovation by enabling the firm to tap the accumulated wisdom of all their assets.

The call for change

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