The Era Of Now And The Age Of The Customer — Why Resiliency Is More Critical Than Ever

We live in the era of NOW. If a website takes too long to load, or doesn't load at all, we will move on in a matter of milliseconds. If an ATM can't dispense cash — unacceptable. Our favorite online store is unavailable — unheard of. Not only have our expectations risen to astronomical heights, but our increasing dependence on technology means we can't cope without it. If our electronic medical records are unavailable — lives are at stake. If the utility's critical IT systems go down — millions are left without power.

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Continuity Planning For The Robot Uprising

In today's rapidly changing risk landscape, it's increasingly critical that infrastruture and operations professionals keep up to date with their most likely risks. Most companies only update their risk assessments annually, but many have not considered the risk of a robot uprising. For those firms that have not yet updated their continuity plans to include this very real risk, here are three tips that can get you started on the right path:

  1. Store data in offline forms. Whether you choose tapes (outside a robotic tape library), punch cards, or optical media, you must keep current copies of data in a format that can't be sabotaged by the robots.
  2. Keep continuity plans on paper. You'll want to have your plans for specifically dealing with the robot uprising in a format that is harder for the robots to read so they can't devise countermeasures to your plans.
  3. Have emergency shutdwn protocols for your data center. To prevent the robots from taking over your data center and using it for their own purposes, you'll have to have an emergency shutdown plan.

These tips should get you started on the right path. Please contact me for additional information and best practices that I can provide on paper.

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