What makes a great application owner?

Application owner or application product manager roles are increasingly common in many organizations and these roles play a critical part in application rationalization efforts. Organizations fill these roles with staff from a diverse range of backgrounds including enterprise architecture, business analysis, application development and business operations.  In some cases, it is not a discrete role, rather an additional responsibility for an individual staff member or group of staff members.  However the role is organized and structured, it is important both in terms of accountability for the application as well as defining and delivering the application's direction and value add.  So what are the key skills or characteristics that makes this role successful? What are the knowledge domains, behavioral characteristics and aptitudes that differentiate high performers in this role?

There are four primary areas of domain knowledge (with knowledge defined as familiarity, awareness and understanding gained through experience or study) that can inform the profile of domain skills your organization may require:
- Technical knowledge —how does this application work and what are its effects?
- Business-specific knowledge —what makes our organization work operationally and culturally?
- Process knowledge — which processes fuel our organization and its competitive edge?
- Industry sector knowledge — which forces, markets and models characterize our industry sector.
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