Tomorrow's Digital Fueled Business Outcomes — And You

Digital technologies, and the software running on them, have done more than just make it easy for consumers to connect with each other and entertain themselves. Digital technologies have changed both business and society. Look around you now, and increasingly, people — your customers and employees — are perpetually connected to the Internet, able to connect, share, and transact with the firms they choose to do business with. Look even closer and you’ll see digital capability thrusted into emerging products and services across industries: from automotive (GM partnering with AT&T) to sportswear (Nike Fuelband) and from agriculture (Monsanto acquires software firm) to grocery (Tesco launches virtual grocery store).

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Get Bullish On Software: Three Data Points From Our Business And Software Decision-Maker Surveys

I’m bullish on software — specifically design and engineering — and I’m starting to see that many of today’s business leaders share that opinion as they come to terms with digital disruption and the age of the customer’s impact on their competitive strategies. I hear this often as I travel to meet with both business and IT leaders, and I increasingly see it in the survey data we annually collect. What do I see in our most recent Forrsights Business Decision-Makers Survey, Q4 2012 and Forrsights Software Survey, Q4 2012 results? Software, from design through development, matters:

  • Business leaders have revenue growth first and foremost on their minds. On average, 70% of these business leaders place a high or critical priority on revenue growthcustomer acquisition and retention, and addressing rising customer experience expectations for 2013. Our data suggests business leaders are 50% more likely to identify these as critical initiatives than they do margin improvement or reducing operating costs. Growth and customer experience improvement take business priority.
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