CI Team Changes

As we kick off 2013 in earnest, I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on several changes to the CI team at Forrester. As many of you know, we’ve seen tremendous growth over the past few years since we introduced the role. However, we’re experiencing some change, and it felt like an appropriate time of year to provide a broader update. 

First of all, I’m sad to announce a couple of departures. Suresh Vittal and Zach Hofer-Shall left Forrester on Monday, December 31st. Suresh was both a fantastic analyst and most recently a fantastic practice leader. Unfortunately, his expertise was noticed by the entire industry, and he got scooped away by an incredible opportunity. Zach has built our coverage of what was originally listening platforms and later social intelligence since his tenure as a researcher. In a similar vein, his expertise was noticed, and he’ll be applying his knowledge to great effect in his new role.
Carl Doty, formerly the practice leader of our consumer product strategy role, has switched roles effective January 1, 2013, to take over the CI practice. As some of you will recall, this is a homecoming for Carl — he was our research director who led the creation of the CI practice, leaving behind our old direct marketing focus and moniker. Carl is based out of the Cambridge office.
We’ve had a few other additions to the team lately and have shifted some coverage areas to compensate for Zach’s departure, so to help you keep track, here’s an update on the current CI team:
  • Allison Smith: Cambridge-based researcher focused on social intelligence under Joe Stanhope’s tutelage.
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