Davos 2013

I have arrived home from the multi-layered onion that is Davos, aka The World Economic Forum. Here's what I learned from the sessions, hallway conversations, head of state speeches, late dinners, early-morning breakfasts, and serendipitous encounters. 
Optimism about the economy was running hot -- especially when it came to the U.S. Budding energy independence and a recovering housing market are seen as big drivers for the American economy -- and its turnaround will pull the world economy out of its ditch. Or at least, that's how the story goes...
I was at a dinner with Steven Levitt, the author of Freakonomics and his follow-on book, Super Freakonomics. He works with large companies to help them gather data on their businesses and then make rational, economics-based decisions -- how to improve cars or create the perfect fast-food menus. There's only one problem -- the execs refuse to believe the data. Big Data may have arrived, but the age of Big Gut persists.
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