Are You Like Oracle When It Comes to the Cloud?

Oracle makes itself an easy target for the ire of the cloud community when it makes dumb, cloudwashed announcements like last week's supposed IaaS offering. But then again, Oracle is just doing what it thinks it takes to be in the cloud discussion and is frankly reflecting what a lot of its I&O customers are defining as cloud efforts. 

Forrester Forrsights surveys continue to show that enterprise IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals are more apt to call their static virtualized server environments clouds than to recognize that true cloud computing environments are dynamic, cost optimized and automated environments. These same enterprise buyers are also more likely to say that the use of public cloud services lie in the future rather than already taking place today. Which fallacy is more dangerous?

The latter is definitely more harmful because while the first one is simply cloudwashing of your own efforts, the other is turning a blind eye to activities that are growing steadily, and increasingly without your involvement or control. Both clearly place I&O outside the innovation wave at their companies and reinforce the belief that IT manages the past and is not the engine for the future. But having your head in the sand about your company's use of public cloud services such as SaaS and cloud platforms could put you more at risk.

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