The State Of Business Technology Governance -- What’s Next?


As you may know, my colleague Craig Symons and I have started an initiative to refurbish our research agenda on business technology (BT) governance. Our intention is to develop a collection of documents on “good” IT governance practices for CIOs. The research is based on facts and findings gathered through interviews with leading practitioners, case studies, survey questions, reviews of popular and state-of-the-art methodologies, and our long standing industry experience. This blog post provides you with an overview of our assumptions, the current initiative’s status, what kind of questions we have answered so far, and what we plan next. Your feedback, questions, and recommendations are warmly welcome!

We are building the research on a few basic assumptions: BT governance and “good” IT governance are the same. We define them as a conscious effort by senior executives to establish strategies, structures, processes, and measurements for the management of technology to boost business results. We assumed also that the current wave of tech innovation affects not only how information workers and IT departments manage devices and services but also how business executives evaluate, drive, and monitor IT-related decisions.

At this stage, we have verified our assumptions through interviews with governance and industry experts and reviewed several consulting engagements and case studies. We have also launched a global survey, which we invite you to take. 

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