Resiliency Is No Longer Optional

In today’s world of 24x7x365 global operations and competition, downtime results not only in immediate lost revenue and productivity, but also in lasting damage to corporate reputation that erodes customer confidence in your brand. No organization is immune: with ever increasing risks and more dependence on technology, major outages are becoming more common and more costly. We've reached a critical juncture where resiliency is more critical than ever because: 

  • There is less tolerance for downtime — of any kind. BC/DR historically focused on events such as natural disasters, extreme weather, major IT failures, critical infrastructure failures, pandemics/epidemics, and other events that have a low probability of occurring but have a very high impact on the business. However, in today’s world of global, 24x7x365 operations and intense competition, downtime, regardless of whether it’s a natural disaster, a simple hard drive failure, or a security breach, is unacceptable. The business doesn’t care what caused the downtime; instead, it wants service restored as quickly as possible with as little data loss as possible, regardless of which groups are responsible for the execution.
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