We’re hiring in Australia!


We have just opened a Senior Analyst position focused on helping Marketing & Strategy professionals out of Forrester’s Sydney, Australia office.

In the Age of the Customer, only those marketing, commerce, and strategy executives who focus their efforts on understanding and serving dynamic digital consumers will survive digital disruption and establish competitive advantage. And, in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, the proliferation of devices and digital touchpoints makes engaging, selling, and serving consumers more complicated than ever. The marketing and strategy executives charged with transforming their organizations to become customer obsessed need help!  

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Join The Team Focused On Helping Marketing & Strategy Professionals In China

We are actively recruiting for two research positions in our Beijing, China Forrester office!

China is one of the most lucrative and dynamic markets for global firms today. And, marketing, commerce & strategy professionals need help! Distinctive consumer needs and behaviors, the size and diversity of regional populations, unique internet platforms, and the adoption of mobile, social, and tablets (to name but a few) all present challenges for today’s marketing and strategy professionals as they seek to engage, market, sell, and serve Chinese customers.

Forrester seeks dynamic, analytical, and visionary professionals, with in-depth knowledge of the digital marketing and commerce landscapes in China, to join our growing team in one of the following roles:

Senior/Principal Analyst, Serving Marketing & Strategy Professionals

Researcher, Serving Marketing & Strategy Professionals

If you (or someone you know) are interested in becoming a part of our team, and you want to inspire and guide the decisions marketing & strategy professionals make in China, please apply online here or contact me directly at astockwell@forrester.com. I hope we'll have the opportunity to work together!