Use Your Creativity To Find Sources Of Innovation

I’ve just participated in two webinars about innovation.  Claire Schooley and I hosted How To Foster, Manage, And Sustain Innovation. And Forrester alumnus, Navi Radjou, who is now with the Center for Creative Leadership and author of  Jugaad Innovation just gave a webinar on that topic. Navi talked about “doing more with less”—a big concept sweeping through emerging markets like India and Brazil.  Navi argues that improvised ingenuity has taken a backseat to structured innovation, leading to high R&D costs and stifled creativity.  And he took a swing at Six Sigma, arguing that it gets 99.999% sameness, or “better sameness” in Forrester’s view.

Forrester defines innovation as:

the transformation of a business process, market offering, or business model to boost value and impact for the enterprise, customers, or partners.

It’s time to think creatively about ideas for innovation. Look to:

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