Rethinking Your IT Infrastructure And Operations: Q&A With Christophe Guillard, CTO Office, Sanofi

If you’re interested in how to rethink your approach to IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) to help your business better compete, I encourage you to read on . . .

As I prepared for Forrester’s Infrastructure & Operations Forum EMEA 2012 in Paris next week (June 19-20), I had the opportunity to connect with one of our industry keynoters, Christophe Guillard, who has led the CTO office at global healthcare company Sanofi since 2010. He is responsible for the strategic, financial, and process excellence of the New Global Infrastructure Services organization, which includes 800 collaborators, 110,000 users, and 400 sites worldwide.

At the Forum, Christophe will be joined by Ian M. Clayton, author, Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge, Gery Bonte, CTO, Saint-Gobain, and other industry keynoters. Next week, Christophe will share the comprehensive infrastructure transformation that took place at Sanofi. But below is a recap of our conversation that he will discuss further during his keynote:

DW: What were the main challenges you were faced with before you started this transformation?

CG: We embarked on our global IT transformation journey two years ago and, at the time, Sanofi IT was aligned to the structure of the company and mostly siloed within each business. As a result, collaboration across the different businesses and geographies was limited and some parts of our IT infrastructure were duplicated.

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