Intelligent Dialogs: Julie Bernard, VP Customer Centricity And Database Marketing

I caught up today with Julie Bernard in advance of her presentation at tomorrow's Marketing Leadership and Customer Intelligence Forums. Julie's keynote focuses on "Putting The Customer At The Center Of The Business." I had the opportunity to ask her what that means for Macy's. Here's what Julie had to say:

Q: What does it mean for Macy’s when you talk about “putting the customer at the center of the business”? 

A: At Macy’s, this means that the customer has a seat at the table. As all of us in retail know, the customer is queen/king and as such, focusing on delivering against her needs and wants is of paramount importance. When we start a meeting, we ask ourselves “What decision do we have to make today and how will this decision positively impact the customer in terms of relevant product offerings, great value, and fulfilling shopping experiences wherever she chooses to shop with us?” Then, at the close of the meeting, before we all leave that table, we revisit our decisions and action plans to ensure that we have taken the customer’s perspective into account. When we make customer oriented decisions and take action against customer needs, those actions deliver against sales and profit goals. 

 Q: What do you see as the greatest opportunity for retailers as it relates to customer centricity? 

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